Yamashita Καλαμαριέρες Egi-Oh Search Neon Bright #3.0


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High appeal model of NEONBRIGHT EGI-OH series. There are elements that attract high activity squid. “SEARCH RATTLE” is one of the YAMASHITA’s exclusive technology. The YAMASHITA “SEARCH” squid jigs feature a number of unique features but what sets this jig apart is the 600Hz rattle inside the body. YAMASHITA have discovered after much research with a leading Japanese University that squid can pick up sounds between 400Hz and 1,500Hz with 600Hz being the optimum level for squid to be most interested. For many years squid anglers all over the world have used jigs equipped with glow material. Now, research shows the best wavelength of visible light squid is 490nm. This is a tuned glow of 490nm which YAMASHITA discovered with the research from a leading Japanese university is the best glow colour for the squids eyes to detect. “Glow of 490nm wavelength is most perceivable for squid.” While keeping the quick dart action of EGI-OH LIVE, the sinking speed is designed to be a little bit faster than the LIVE (without Rattle), so that it can quickly search for high activity squid.

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