DTD Panic Fish Bukva #2.5


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PANIC FISH 2 fishing actions

PANIC FISH is squid jig with unique characteristics.

It is hybrid between standard conventional squid jig and trolling squid jig. With specially designed plastic fish tail we gave natural “fish like” motion to the product. This tight wobbling action is very natural and persistent no matter how slow you pull the product, making this product irresistible to squids and cuttlefishes.

Another great characteristic of PANIC FISH is a possibility to simply choose the action. Patented “ACTION CLICK SYSTEM” enables you to change the action by adding or removing the plastic fish tail in just few seconds. If you want tight wobbling action just add the tail, if you want classic (standard) straight line action, just remove the tail.

With these options, you can make the most of your fishing and get maximum results.

  • fish tail
  • transparent contrast effect
  • vivid colors
  • fine cloth texture
  • excellent balance
  • stainless steel hooks
  • stainless steel swivel
  • transparent luminus body
  • sound effect


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