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RETRO BUKVA attacked fish

Eyes are most important organ of squids and it is scientifically proven that squid’s eyes are highly sofisticated. This product takes advantage of that. Fish parasite (lat. Anilocra Physoides) is one of the most common parasites and it is feeding with fish blood. As a result fishes attacked by these parasites are weaker, slower, easier to catch. Squids like easy targets and as a result catching ability of these products is increased.Fish parasites are produced in two colors, brown more natural one and orange more visible one. Product is presented in 2014. on EFTTEX in Brussels and it is considered revolution in squid jig industry, a departure from conventional squid jigs.

  • fish parasite
  • vivid colors
  • transparent contrast effect
  • luminous
  • strong hooks
  • flash linen


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