Yamashita Καλαμαριέρες Egi-Oh K 490 Glow #3.0


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Year by year, the numbers of EGING angler is increasing because of that popularity. On the other hand, the numbers of very cautious squid are also increasing. They tend to watch EGI (color, action and sinking balance) cautiously before attack and bite. It makes anglers difficult to catch squid. EGI-OH K has many function to attract the cautious squid. EGI-OH K was developed to capture the rough and tough condition. (1) Minimizing the effects of external factors such as wind and waves, and ensuring a stable fall. (2) It has a darting action that does not darting too much than necessary, which is a favorite action of cautious squid. Attached “HYDRO FIN” at the rear of the jig for improved stability when sinking. “HYDRO FIN” acts like a ship’s rudder. Low activity squid dislike the EGI that has an unstable sink. Under bad conditions such as strong wind and high waves, squid jigs sink unstably. EGI-OH K with “HYDRO FIN” specialize in a having a stable sink in any condition. Flat eyes with Keimura pupil and 490GLOW edge. Pentagon body design, the belly of jig is flat design. Receive the water resistance on a flat surface. Environmentally friendly TIN material sinker with tuning holes for adding or reducing weight.

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