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Ryobi Smap XBM


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• Stainless steel spindle with high strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Coarse aluminum line with high strength and deform resistance.
• The copper spiral gear adopts foreign advanced gear processing technology, with high hardness and smooth hand feeling.
• The reel friction plate is made of high-grade materials, so to provide smooth friction force with fine adjustment.
• Ultra-thin and high-strength body combined with hollow-out fly reel gave elegant appearance.
• High strength aluminum alloy rocker arm that can be interchanged with left and right hands.
• 6+1 ball bearing, main shaft bearing and guide bush bearing all are made of stainless steel to prevent the problem of the fishing reel not turning well after getting rusted.
• Corrosion resistance of one-way backstop system and one-way seamless ball bearing. The design of the bail arm seat in the shape of water droplets.

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