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ECOODA Reel Magic Ball EMB 1500


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The forging frame, cover, drag power knob is lighter and stronger than machined parts. High precision CNC machining and refined parts are smoothly joined and guarantees the stable performance. Copper gear, aviation aluminum spool, aviation aluminum frame, cover, and handle, metal material provides strong impact resistance. Carbon friction system, smooth braking force output, superior durability and stability. Spool fast locking function: once the rig is caught in the bottom, can be adjusted to LOCK to cut the line quickly for protecting the reel and rod. Ergonomic metal forging handle with adjustable length can meet the requirements to different fishing methods.

1. The forging frame, cover, drag power knob
2. High precise CNC maching and refined parts
3. Copper gear, aviation alu. spool, aviation alu. frame, cover and handle
4. Carbon friction system
5. Spool fast locking function

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