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ECOODA Reel Cyan Blue ECB 600HG


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The CNC machining guarantees aluminium alloy body and main side cover strong enough with a higher metal density and torsion resistance. Even under strong or high-speed operation it’s not easy to cause displacement and damage, so the spare parts can keep running firmly and continuously. CNC machining aluminium alloy spool. The spool is light but strong with a large line capacity. The spool is marked with a line capacity scale for easy recording of line quantity. Synchronous wire gauge guarantees the smooth delivery of thin line. Whether it is a normal delivery or delivery once pulled by fishes, the wire gauge moves to ensure there is no corner between wire gauge and fishing line, reducing the chance of line break and damage of wiring system parts. The worm shaft is equipped with rustless self-moistening parts on both sides to reduce the probability of breakdown caused by prolonged contact with seawater. The carbon brake pad is fixed on the big gear and moves with it to increase the maximum drag power. All makes the star brake system with a dense power. Bowl washer and washer on the main gear provide a more stable force to make a more stable power. The imported carbon brake washer provides a high smoothness and durability. The damping grease of new formula, with high temperature resistance and high adhesion, is not easy to deteriorate and flow, and guarantee the carbon washer better durability. Powerful multi-point mechanical anti-reverse system reduces the pressure on one-way bearing and lowers the risk of damage. The large and small gears made of high hardness brass are durable and strong enough to fight against monster fish. 6 precision corrosion-resistant bearings and 1 unidirectional bearing. The large grip, whose size is the same as the one of a size 6000/8000 spinning reel, is easy to hold and control Carbon ball-shaped grip is lighter, stronger and more comfortable. The extended handle of 90mm provides a greater torque and takes less effort to control.

1. CNC machining aluminium alloy body, main side cover and spool
2. Synchronous wire gauge
3. New brake system
4. New bowl washer
5. Imported carbon brake washer with grease
6. Brass large and small gears
7. Extended handle and large carbon grip

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