DTD Καλαμαριέρες Wounded Fish Oita #3.0 / #3.5


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egi wounded & natural

Squid jig with some superb characteristics: Realistic & wounded.

Top model presented on EFTTEX 2016. in Amsterdam.

This product imitates live mediterranean fishes, together with great balance result is great catching ability. Fish wound is a sign of wounded, weak, slow fish, and it looks like an easy prey.

Double weight system perfected sinking position and inner weight is designed so it can produce sound while squid jig is in action.

8 different colors (fishes) represent different popular mediterranenan fishes.

This product entered world’s BEST NEW PRODUCT competition on EFTTEX.

  • luminous body
  • natural colors
  • fish wound
  • great balance
  • sound effect
  • stainless steel hooks & ring


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