Cressi Crimping Tool – Πένσα Για Κλιψάκια


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Introducing the Cressi Crimping Tool – your ultimate solution for precision and reliability for speargun rigging and maintenance.
A crimping tool is a device used for securing the end of the monofilament line onto a spear shaft. It works by using two jaws that are pressed together, with one side containing teeth and the other having grooves that match up with those teeth. With the mono line and crimp in place, the user aligns these grooves over the crimp and presses down on both jaws simultaneously in order to create a tight connection of the line on the spear shaft.
This ensures that there is no slipping or fraying of the line during use, which can be dangerous if it comes loose while hunting underwater. It features 4 crimping sizes, from 0.1 up to 2.2 mm. Two blade line cutters are included on the head for trimming the line. The tool is made of high-carbon steel for durability, complete with an ergonomic, comfortable and non-slip handles. These crimpers are ideal for rigging your speargun and a must have for any spearos tool kit.

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